Meet the 200th HomeNow Homebuyers – Chris and Randi Nelson

When Chris and Randi Nelson set out to buy a home in Great Falls, they were quickly dismayed with the options available to them. “We felt like there was a threshold of what you needed to spend to get into a livable 3-bedroom home. And we didn’t have a down payment that would allow us to get over it.”

But with two young children and a third on the way, Chris and Randi were determined to move out of their attic apartment rental and into something that provided more space for their growing family. “We had looked at rentals in the area, and they were just outrageous. We couldn’t reconcile paying $1,200 or more in monthly rent, when we knew a monthly mortgage payment could work out to be less.”

Everything changed when they learned about HomeNow from their mortgage loan officer, Sheri Sanchez with Mann Mortgage. The couple was thrilled when they learned that they qualified for MoFi’s program. “HomeNow helped us get over the down payment hurdle and ultimately get into an affordable, livable home. We couldn’t be more excited.”

The best part? “We’re no longer stuck in the rent cycle – each month we’re building on an investment into our future.”  And for Randi, the milestone has been particularly meaningful. “Growing up, my family always rented. I’m the first person in my family to become a homeowner. That’s a pretty awesome feeling.”

Congratulations to Chris, Randi, and your little ones on becoming homeowners, and for being the 200th family to use HomeNow in Montana! Since 2017, MoFi has provided over $1.5 million in down payment assistance to hardworking Montanans like the Nelsons. Do you know someone who is interested in purchasing a home, but doesn’t have the cash in hand for a down payment? Tell them about HomeNow!