Longtime Family Agri-Business Expands

When opportunity knocks, you can either complain about the racket, or find a way to answer the door. The Millers of Nampa, Idaho—owners of family-run agri-business Integrated Biological Systems, Inc. for over 30 years—weren’t looking for new markets in the winter of 2017. Still, when they learned that Texas-based Bio Plus Manufacturing, a long time supplier of theirs, was going up for sale, they were quick on their feet. They contacted MoFi when their traditional lender couldn’t move as quickly as they needed to in order to complete the buyout. MoFi provided a loan to help Integrated Biological Systems complete its purchase, and now the business is making plans to continue expanding. Angela and Marvin Miller, along with their son Aaron, will continue providing fertilizer alternatives and soil improvement products to their longstanding clients across the Northwest, now with greater certainty and security in their business.