Kalispell Buyer Breaks Rental Cycle

Single parent becomes Montana homeowner

As a single parent, Sheri had been a longtime renter. But when she learned that her landlord wanted to move back into the home, she took the opportunity to re-evaluate her options. Sheri started looking at what it would cost to rent another home in Kalispell, and she was shocked. “I realized I would be paying as much or more than a mortgage payment. So I decided it was time to grow up.” She met with a mortgage lender to discuss the possibility of buying, and learned about HomeNow. “MoFi’s down payment program allowed me to get out of the rental cycle.” Just a few months later, Sheri purchased a home, and she and her daughter moved in this summer. The best part? “I’m giving my daughter a good example of investing in where you live. And because of the equity I’m building, I feel like I’m paying value to myself ten years from now. That gives me real peace of mind for the future.”

Product Used: HomeNow