“It means a lot to have something that’s mine” – Billings Teacher Becomes Homeowner

Weeks away from graduating from Montana State University Billings, Courtney Vagner had her sights set on the future. Courtney and her three-year-old daughter had been living with her parents in Laurel to save money while she finished school. When Courtney landed a job as a special education teacher with the Billings School District, she started to dream about buying a home closer to work. She knew her monthly rent for a two-bedroom home would be about the same as a mortgage payment, but paying tuition for years had made it difficult to save for a down payment. Courtney had heard about down payment assistance, but wasn’t sure which program was right for her until she learned about HomeNow from her realtor.

Two months later, Courtney found the perfect townhouse and became a homeowner, leveraging HomeNow’s instant-equity down payment grant. “It means a lot to have something that’s mine,” she reflected, adding that her daughter was just as excited to move into a new home. Courtney said she was impressed with the simple process of using HomeNow and encourages others to consider the program. “I always tell my friends that I used down payment assistance because I know that the down payment is the biggest thing preventing them from buying homes,” she said.

Courtney and her daughter celebrate on closing day with Loan Originator Brian Hafner (L) and Real Estate Agent Jaidyn Simmons (R).


Product used: HomeNow