Homeowner Puts Down Roots with HomeNow

Affordable housing is close to Heidi’s heart. Having previously worked as a program manager for the Yampa Valley Housing Authority in Steamboat Springs, she had helped dozens of people become homeowners and knew what this opportunity represented for people trying to build stable lives for their families. But Heidi had started to fear that her own hopes of homeownership were out of reach, having spent much of her life in urban areas where high housing costs and down payments proved impossible hurdles to overcome. Heidi heard about HomeNow after moving to the Gallatin Valley.

“I’d been wanting to buy a home for 30 years, but never had the opportunity where it could all come together.” Now a homeowner, Heidi is thrilled to have a place where she can put down roots, plant trees, and do landscaping. Her grown children are also thrilled to have a home to return to. Today, she’s paying less on a mortgage payment than she was previously paying in rent. “It just wouldn’t have happened without HomeNow.”