HomeNow Helps Longtime Renter Buy Condo, Invest in Future

Bev had been thinking about moving on from her long-time rental, and wanted to make a real estate investment that she could pass on to her children and grandchildren one day. Homes in her price range were rare, and lack of savings for a down payment meant Bev was faced with having to move to a more rural area in order to find a home within her budget.

She finally found an affordable condo in Missoula that met her needs, but she had limited options without a down payment. When her lender told her that HomeNow could not only help her with her down payment but also allowed condominiums at a property type, the pieces all fell into place. Bev was able to purchase the condo, allowing her to remain in a central location and begin building equity to pass on to her family.

Product used: HomeNow