Growing Family Puts Down Roots

Urban home buying

Sarah and Ben loved living in the picturesque community of Huson, Montana, along the banks of the Clark Fork River. But the 30-minute commute to their full-time jobs in Missoula was beginning to take a toll. With a baby on the way, the couple decided it was time to make the move into town. “I wanted the peace of mind knowing that when the baby came, we were close to a hospital,” Sarah said.

Options for down payment assistance

The couple met with Cory Sobin at Opportunity Bank to learn about mortgage options available to them. They were thrilled to hear about HomeNow’s down payment assistance program that provides a 0% interest loan to cover the down payment. “We probably couldn’t have afforded to buy right now if we’d have had to come up with a down payment ourselves,” said Sarah. “And it’s so nice to have a loan that is interest-free and doesn’t have to be repaid until we sell or refinance.”

“Owning our own home means everything to us, especially since we’re starting a family. We couldn’t be more excited to plan for our growing family, start building our nest egg, and start this next chapter of our life as homeowners.”

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