Experienced Treasure Valley Chef Opens Own Restaurant

Paul Faucher has an enviable track record when it comes to starting restaurants. The chef has helped establish several Treasure Valley favorites, including Fork, 10 Barrel, and Grit Cuisine, and was ready to strike out on his own.

He identified a space that would be perfect for his vision of a bar and restaurant serving locally-sourced American cuisine in downtown Caldwell, where recent growth and current community planning efforts combine to make an ideal market. “I’m really excited to be here from a chef’s standpoint,” Paul said. “It’s kind of a dream to have a community supporting you before your restaurant even opens.”

Unfortunately, Paul didn’t have the collateral that most banks like to see when making a loan in the restaurant industry. His banker referred him to MoFi, where Paul got help with a business plan and assistance navigating his SBA loan in addition to financing.

“Just like my vendors, buyers, farmers, and other collaborators, MoFi is part of the team that’s bringing this restaurant to life,” he said. We couldn’t be happier to congratulate Paul on his new restaurant, Grit, set to open in Caldwell in March 2019.