Zack Dunn, Yellowstone Bank, Named Montana Small Business Lender of the Year

Zack Dunn, President of Yellowstone Bank’s Billings Downtown Branch, has been named MoFi’s Montana Small Business Lender of the Year for 2018. MoFi presents these awards annually to its most prolific commercial lender partners, those individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to meeting the needs of business owners in their communities.

Some of the most successful businesses struggle to get the financing they need to grow. Dunn is recognized for helping connect Billings-area entrepreneurs with a resource to do just that – flexible, responsible capital that sees them through short-term growth needs and prepares them for a longer-term bank loan. That assistance comes via MoFi, a nonprofit organization that provides consulting and financial services to entrepreneurs and small businesses that are not able to receive a traditional bank loan.

Dunn has 16 years of experience in the banking industry.  He joined Yellowstone Bank in 2010 and was promoted to President of the Downtown Bank in 2012. As an active community member, Dunn is involved with Downtown Billings Rotary, East Billings Urban Renewal District, Downtown Billings Alliance, Downtown Billings Partnership, and Burlington Central Little League.

Among the Billings-area businesses Dunn has helped connect with MoFi was Liberty & Vine Country Store. Owners Amy and Jason Pawlowski worked with Dunn on the purchase of the 100-year-old warehouse on the east end of Montana Avenue, but needed additional help to renovate into a mixed-use space with a mercantile on the main floor and apartments on the second floor. Dunn brought MoFi in to help fill a gap in the financing package, and Liberty & Vine opened last summer.

“I really can’t say enough about Zack – if it weren’t for him, Liberty & Vine wouldn’t be in this building today,” said Amy Pawlowski. “He knows that. My husband and I know that. MoFi knows that. He connected us to MoFi, which made this project possible. To say that he went above and beyond is an understatement.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amy and Jason for several years and I’m excited to be involved with their project,” Dunn said. “They have great passion for their business and a work ethic to match, which makes supporting Amy and Jason easy.  Every business is unique with different goals and financing needs. I appreciate the team at Mofi, who help provide options for business owners as they pursue their goals.”

MoFi is a nonprofit community-based lender that provides flexible, responsible capital to businesses that fall outside of traditional “bankability” at a moment in time. Many of the organization’s clients are referred via commercial lenders when they are unable to provide financing, in whole or in part. MoFi works with clients to design tailored loan solutions, including loan size, type of loan structure and uses. The organization also provides a full suite of consulting services to help clients build successful businesses and transfer to a long-term bank relationship as quickly as possible.

In 2018, MoFi provided over $100 million in financing to businesses across the Northern Rockies.

“Business owners and entrepreneurs couldn’t have a better partner in Zack Dunn, who has proven that he’s always willing to go the extra mile and work with partners like MoFi to get to ‘yes’ for his clients. We were thrilled to see how Zack stepped up to the plate last year and connected borrowers with us to help make their small-business dreams come true,” said Dave Glaser, President of MoFi. “We’re proud to name him our Montana Small Business Lender of the Year.”