News Year, New Home for Billings Newlyweds

“I still think it’s amazing that there is even a program like this. We wouldn’t have been able to get our home without it.” – Patricia Scarborough

Billings newlyweds Patricia and Jared Scarborough were living in a rental owned by Patricia’s mother, who lived just down the street. While they loved the proximity to family, being in a rental had its challenges — Patricia is a self-proclaimed “dog person,” and the rental had some restrictions around pet ownership.

The couple decided they were ready to begin a search for their first home, but went into the process a little weary as they weren’t sure what they would qualify for. They both had steady jobs and decent credit, but didn’t have much saved up for a down payment. After looking for about a month, they found a great house with all of the qualities they needed, including the option for a rental unit, which was at the top of their list. After talking to a lender, they were thrilled to find out they not only qualified for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with manageable monthly payments, they also could use HomeNow’s grant program to cover their down payment.

Patricia couldn’t believe how quickly the process moved, once the issue of a down payment had been resolved. “I thought to myself, ‘We can actually do this right now!’” she said. Patricia and Jared closed on their house in early 2018, kicking off a new year and many new adventures.