Congrats to the Top HomeNow Producer of 2017!

Last year, 16 Missoula-area homebuyers achieved the American dream thanks to Julie Lapham of Mann Mortgage. These were hardworking Montanans – a pharmacy student, a teacher, an attorney, a bartender, a healthcare worker, a consultant – who qualified for a mortgage but needed help with the down payment. Julie helped these and more clients access over $109,000 in down payment grants last year – more than any other loan officer in the state of Montana – earning her our 2017 Top Producer Award.

A 17-year veteran in the mortgage lending industry, Lapham has earned a stellar reputation for her deep industry knowledge and commitment to helping clients understand and access the best mortgage options available to them. In some cases, that means connecting clients with outside resources when they don’t have the cash they need for a down payment.

“HomeNow has provided the missing link for many of my clients who qualify for a mortgage on every level except for the down payment,” said Lapham. “It’s an honor to receive this recognition and, more importantly, to see these clients become homeowners. Many of them would not have been able to do so without the help of the HomeNow program.”

Here’s what one of Julie’s recent HomeNow clients had to say:

“The best part of working with Julie is how important she made me feel despite the fact that I was shopping for a lower priced home in Missoula. Julie was wonderfully proactive in helping me every step of the way, and always enthusiastic to answer my questions. Given the specifics of what it was that I was shopping for, she put forth extra effort to adjust to my needs and got me into a lovely condominium right here in town. Thanks Julie!

I contacted the Montana CDC when it became clear that I was paying about as much for rent in town as I would be for a mortgage on a modest home. A few months later, as a direct result of the HomeNow program, I became a new home owner and moved into my own place. I would like to give the Montana CDC and its crew an enormous, heartfelt thank you. Because of your help and generous down payment, I now have a place to call my own. Thank you!!”

Congratulations, Julie!