Portfolio Relationship Manager

Background and Overview:

MoFi provides entrepreneurs and business owners with business financing when they are not eligible for financing at a bank. MoFi’s clients are low wealth, low income, lacking in assets, and/or starting a new business—but within 36 months, most of MoFi’s clients are eligible for a bank loan.

Bank eligibility doesn’t evolve naturally; it is helped along with a prescribed plan for the borrower that includes achieving and maintaining business profitability, creating savings and assets, becoming a strong financial manager, creating and using accurate and relevant financial statements, building a strong credit history, and developing a business relationship with a commercial lender.

Plans for achieving bankability are created during underwriting. Plans include (1) a target bankability date that is agreed upon with the client’s banker; (2) a scheduled set of meetings over the phone or in person with MoFi, the client, and the banker; (3) customized business assistance from MoFi’s consulting team which provides accounting, legal, marketing, financial management, credit building, and human resource assistance; (4) bankability metrics tracking including debt service coverage, loan-to-value, profitability, credit score, months in business, and financial statement accuracy; and, as a last step, (5) bank loan application assistance.

This position is responsible for creation of the bankability plans with the loan officers, and, once a loan is closed, oversight and coordination of the bankability plans with the client and consulting team. This position is primarily focused on ensuring the consulting plan is implemented, helping build a strong relationship between the borrower and their commercial lender, and redesigning the bankability plan if targets are not met as projected by the client.  The overall goal is help clients achieve bankability more quickly.


  1. Build, update and maintain Bankability Plans for all MoFi Clients
    • Create bankability plans for all new clients with the MoFi underwriter, commercial banker, and client using the metrics listed above.
    • Oversee all MoFi client bankability plans, meeting schedules, and metric targets – all of which are managed in a customized Salesforce database
    • Coordinate consulting services with the consulting team and client
    • Update bankability plan, if needed, to incorporate actual results and any changes with the commercial lender’s target bankability date
  2. Build Commercial Lender Relationships for all MoFi Clients:
    • Work with commercial lenders across the Rocky Mountain West to help build client relationships
    • Help clients who do not have lending relationships find the right banking partner
    • Educate lenders on MoFi’s products, services, and overall mission
  1. Get MoFi Clients refinanced by a bank:
    • Help clients who have met bankability targets prepare for commercial financing by working with them to complete loan application and compile the accompanying financial support

Required Skills/Qualifications:

  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong commercial credit analysis skills; including understanding of SBA programs
  • Fluency with commercial lending requirements and policies at banks in MoFi’s service area
  • Ability and desire to help borrowers understand the commercial lending system’s policy and requirements, acronyms, and ratios by making it simple, accessible, and easy-to-understand
  • Strong computer skills with experience in the MS Office suite of products. Prior experience with Salesforce is not required, but is helpful
  • Good project management and team coordination skill
  • BS/BA degree or higher in accounting, finance, or economics

Salary starts at $75,000 per year. Interested candidates should submit an application via ZipRecruiter.