Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Background and Overview:

MoFi provides entrepreneurs and business owners with business financing when they are not eligible for financing at a bank. MoFi’s clients are low wealth, low income, lacking in assets, and/or starting a new business. But, within 36 months, most of MoFi’s clients are eligible for a bank loan. Bankability is helped through MoFis comprehensive consulting services which have traditionally focused on wealth, asset and credit building.

Starting in 2019, MoFi will add inclusive hiring strategies to its standard suite of consulting services. This program, offered on a limited basis to clients over the past ten years, has been instrumental in helping businesses attract, train and retain good employees while also helping to rebuild the middle class in their communities. This program opens the door to jobs for low income people – doors that otherwise would not be open. This position will help MoFi clients, targeted communities, and larger employers implement inclusive hiring strategies. The position will also help build a program that can be scaled to other organizations across the US.


1. Help MoFi Business Clients Implement Low Income Hiring Strategies

  • Communicate the services available to new and existing MoFi borrowers through phone, email and in-person communication;
  • Meet with each client via phone or in-person to understand their current employee base, hiring plans, and HR needs;
  • Understand and catalog available recruitment and training resources in each community;
  • With community job partners, create customized HR/hiring plans for each business that include (1) job descriptions with qualifications, (2) hiring timelines, and (3) hiring practices to recruit, retain and develop low income people; and (4) development of HR policies if needed.
  • Communicate and integrate with client consulting team to ensure that clients have coordinated MoFi services.

2. Help to lower the unemployment and poverty rate in two test communities in Montana and Idaho

  • Identify two communities with high unemployment, high poverty, and a low enough population to create noticeable change;
  • Meet with community leaders, large employers, and job partners in each community to create a low income hiring strategy
  • Work with employers, in the same manner as #1 above, to implement low income hiring strategies

3. Work with major employers in the region to adopt low income hiring strategies:

  • Identify 10 major employers in the region
  • Meet with each to identify current hiring practices, barriers to low income hiring, and interest in implementing low income hiring strategies
  • Work with the MoFi team to create a plan for implementation of low-income hiring strategies in major employers based on results of this outreach

4. Meet regularly with the MoFi team to refine the product that is offered (for instance, should it include financial incentives for employers, etc) throughout the first year

5. Work with the MoFi team, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to develop and track metrics used to define success for the MoFi program and potentially scale the program to other organizations.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Strong financial analysis skills for analyzing how HR practices can affect business financials
  • Good project management and team coordination
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional computer skills and experience in MS Office with an emphasis in Excel. Prior experience with Salesforce is preferred
  • Experience working on teams
  • MBA or other relevant master’s degree

The position is ideally located in Bozeman, MT but could be located in Missoula, MT. Salary starts at $85,000 per year. Interested candidates should submit an application via ZipRecruiter.