HomeNow “changed our whole life”

“My husband and I have probably had ten different rentals since moving to Missoula from Dillon after college. Now we have a 10-month old daughter, and we started feeling like we’d outgrown renting and were ready to buy. I fantasized about doing a beautiful nursery, but in a rental, you can’t do things like paint, screw things into the wall, etc. We both have great jobs and good monthly income, but we what we didn’t have was a down payment. We looked at a few different assistance options, and it seemed like we make too much money to qualify for help, but not quite enough to do it on our own.

We had just resigned ourselves to renting for another five years to save up for a down payment. That meant that our daughter would be six years old before we bought our first house! But then, a friend told us to give it one more shot and introduced us to Julie Lapham at Mann Mortgage. We went in skeptical, but Julie told us about the HomeNow, and we were thrilled! This program has changed our whole life. I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in buying a house, can take on a mortgage, but just needs some help with the down payment.”