Affordable Financing for Rural Communities

Loans to Develop Essential Community Facilities

MoFi offers Community Facilities loans to nonprofits, public bodies, and federally recognized tribes in rural communities in Montana and Idaho. These loans can be used to purchase, construct or improve essential community facilities, purchase equipment, and pay other project-related expenses.

Our Community Facilities loans are low-interest, fixed-rate loans for the useful life of the facility and equipment, and there are no penalties for early repayment.

What kinds of rural projects qualify?

  • Health care facilities: hospitals, medical clinics, dental clinics, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities
  • Public facilities: town halls and courthouses
  • Community support services: child care centers, community centers, fairgrounds, transitional housing
  • Public safety services: fire departments, police stations, prisons, police vehicles, fire trucks, public works vehicles or equipment
  • Educational services: museums, libraries, colleges, public or private schools
  • Local food systems: community gardens, food pantries, community kitchens, food banks, food hubs, greenhouses
  • Street improvements

Find out if your project is eligible.

To learn more, contact Greg Astle at 844-728-9234 x253.